Di 3. Mär 2015 | JOAN LAAGE mit 2 BUTOH Performances im Nuage Fou

JOAN LAAGE 3. März 2015 um 20 Uhr im Theater Nuage Fou

Joan Laage wird zwei neue Butoh Kreationen für das erste mal in Freiburg zeigen!
2 Butoh Performances: „Dancing on The Shoulders of Giants“ (21-22 min)
Stations“ (40:30)

“Stations” is a new solo created from material from the Suitcases Project which was performed at historic train depots near Seattle in 2013 & 2014 supported by local granting organization 4Culture. Stations brings to life the journeys that people continue to take via train. Throughout history, train journeys have united families, and provided escape, freedom, and opportunity as well as encampment and death.
Theater Nuage Fou Lutherkirchstr.1, 79106 Freiburg 
Straßenbahn: Linie 5 Haltestelle: Friedrich-Ebert-Platz  
Karte: 10 Euro / 8 Euro ermäßigt -  Reservierungen: +49 (0)7611373504
JOAN LAAGE am 3. 3 in Freiburg Longtime Seattle resident Joan is known as a butoh pioneer, and is a founding member of DAIPANbutoh Collective. After studying with masters Kazuo Ohno and Yoko Ashikawa in Tokyo in the late 80s and performing with Ashikawa’s group Gnome, she settled in Seattle and founded Dappin’ Butoh in 1990 (...) While traveling in Europe from January through April 2015, Joan is pleased to be sharing her work in an exciting range of venues.