17-31 May - exhibition in Art center Fabrika - MOSCOW

2  Filme von mir werden in der Austellung "When suspicions become the norm" in Moscow präsentiert  When suspicions become the norm-Info.pdf
17 - 31 May 2014, Contemporary Art Center Fabrika, Moscow  http://www.proektfabrika.ru/
"Crossing the forest" www.youtube.com/watch?v=YUco0yliDig&app=desktop
Fotos B. Schilling
Tanz-Gedicht zwischen Schatten und Licht, Zwischen Wurzel und Baumgipfel.
Was erwartet uns, wenn wir die Wald-Welt durchqueren? 
When suspicions become the norm
The exhibition “When suspicions become the norm” is a discourse on the theme of monsters and the “monstrous” in modern culture. This subject is not limited to the notions of fear and horror, but also comprises the problem of prejudice. Our perception of monsters is formed by traditional assumptions about their opposites – beauty and the beautiful. The concept of monster implies the existence of a collective norm. Deviation from it creates a monster by transgressing existing cultural and social conventions. This process is double-sided: while norm is a measure of deviation, the deviations themselves define the norm, so that we conceive our “normality” through the Other or the monster. But deviations multiply and the diversity of monsters urges us to extend our limits and accept the plurality of the norm. 
More Information: When suspicions become the norm-Info.pdf
Curatorial project RGGU — Russian State University for the Humanities, Moscow
http://realskill.ru/courses/ - Contemporary Art Center Fabrika, Moscow
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